Bringing The Conference to The HCP

The coronavirus is having a profound impact on the 2020 congress schedule.



The Coronavirus outbreak is having a profound impact on the 2020 congress schedule. The majority of upcoming congresses have been canceled or are transforming into virtual events. Many of us have initiatives underway for these events that now need to be re-imagined. And without these physical meetings to attend, we still need engaging ways to connect with our customers.



Build a Virtual Event Presence Online

Platforms such as Run The World, vFairs, and 6connex enable you to build a customized virtual event presence online. These platforms can support a virtual booth, live-streamed speakers, host your promotional materials and video content, and enable live chat communications with representatives of your company, while also providing trackable data on visitor engagements.

Repurpose Your Existing Booth Tactics for Use in the Virtual Space

Have you already been creating tactics for a physical booth but now need to pivot to a virtual event? Many experiences can be adjusted to be accessed via these web portals.

Build a Booth-in-a-Box

Even if your major congress presence has been cancelled, you can repurpose your content and send it on the road with your field force. Most content can be repurposed into a version that can be delivered via iPad or laptop. Or invest in a VR headset and virtually bring the experiences to your audience where they are.

Host an Event Within Virtual Reality

To truly deliver a groundbreaking experience, you can host an event held entirely within virtual reality. Platforms such as Altspace, Big Screen, and Mozilla Hubs allow participants equipped with virtual reality headsets to gather together in VR. The virtual attendees can chat with others and watch speakers’ presentations, but can also collaboratively participate in captivating learning activities, such as being immersed within an MOA, virtually visiting a patient’s home, or exploring a spatial depiction of product data.

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