FCB Health Network Announces the Launch of YuzuYello, A Patient Services Specialty

The Network’s new patient services unit centralizes expertise in Patient Service Design, Program Development, Health Learning Design, Predictive Behavior Analytics and Patient Engagement

FCB Health Network president and CEO Dana Maiman today announced the launch of YuzuYello, the network’s specialized group dedicated to helping brands exceed their patients’ expectations and transforming patient experiences. YuzuYello now offers FCB Health Network clients expertise in a different kind of patient support that creates positive and empathetic experiences that radically improve patient outlooks and business outcomes. The total offering includes service design, program development, contact center training, predictive behavior analytics, content strategy and experiential touchpoint creation, among other services. 

While formalizing its offering today, YuzuYello’s mission had its inception over a decade ago, with The FCB Health Network servicing its impressive client base in the development, marketing and execution of patient support initiatives, a practice rooted in the belief that a seamless brand experience inclusive of outcome-driven support services is no longer optional. The name “YuzuYello” signifies brightness, warmth and inspiration, which FCB Health believes are integral to successful patient experiences and outcomes. 

YuzuYello has a clear mission – to make patient experiences more positive and empathetic and to fulfill the promise of support. This spans from building multitouchpoint programs to offering tips on telemedicine, etc. “There are increased expectations around a patient’s engagement with a healthcare brand to mirror those of retail experiences, creating an opportunity for ongoing data-driven, personalized and relevant communications,” said Maiman. “Today, COVID-19 has heightened that already largely unmet need. Now more than ever, services have to be able to predict and deliver against patient needs that are continuously evolving, and we are committed to helping our clients exceed their patients’ expectations.”

With a unique and integrated approach, YuzuYello brings together FCB Health Network’s expertise in behavioral learning and service design, coupled with vast experience in access and adherence solutions. The unit comprises a diverse team of certified behavioral and learning strategists, service designers, product designers and content writers, all of whom engineer and create around the patient need. 

"Our goal is to optimize health outcomes by simplifying and enhancing the patient experience, helping patients become self-sufficient when it comes to managing their health," said Chief Commercial Officer Michael Guarino. “We look at each interaction with a patient as a learning opportunity and a chance to improve a life. We are excited to formally introduce this specialty to the Network after many years, and to continue to use our expertise to create better experiences for patients and fulfill our clients’ brand promise.”

For more information on YuzuYello, visit YuzuYello.com.