Getting Ready for the New Normal

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the business of healthcare and the way patients and pharma companies engage with each other and the healthcare system has greatly changed. And this change can have lasting impact.

But one day and hopefully soon, we will go back to our new normal, but the impact of the crisis can have a lasting impact on our targets’ lives. So now is the time to adjust and prepare to support your patients, caregivers, and HCPs in a new way, when they will need you most.


Things to Consider

  • How is the crisis impacting your patient: physically, emotionally, holistically, financially?
  • Different disease states will be impacted differently, and the response needs to be tailored
  • If they have a chronic condition, were they able to continue their treatment regimen (both medicine and lifestyle)?
  • How can we make them comfortable returning to their doctor’s office?
  • Some conditions may have been exacerbated by the crisis, while others were not impacted
  • Elective surgeries have been delayed; how will they now prioritize health?
  • During the crisis, mail order Rx has increased, local pharmacy decreased – has the role of the pharmacy and pharmacist changed?



How Has This Impacted the HCP?

  • Has their practice returned to normal? Or a new normal?
  • Do they feel their role has changed – needing to provide more patient care?
  • Do they even further limit reps due to time?
  • Studies show many physicians are witnessing decreased patient demand now. Will patients be flooding back in and HCPs be more over-worked then ever?
  • Will people have become more comfortable with telehealth, decreasing in-patient visits?



What You Can Do Today

  • Begin developing a communication platform to launch when we return to our new normal
  • Be empathetic and acknowledge the disruption and the impact
  • Provide resources to help them return to a new normalcy:
  • Extended patient support hours at call centers (and are call center reps now working at home and need different support too?)
  • Supplement point-of-care and digital support material
  • Telehealth options when appropriate
  • Connected care options for the right patients for remote monitoring
  • Leverage pharmacist/pharmacy partnership to fill voids and ensure adherence
  • Ongoing Virtual details for HCPs
  • If a conference cancelled or missed, bring the conference experience to        their device
  • Ask the HCP how you can best support their needs
  • As HCPs have requested more patient resources during the crisis, guide HCPs through the available customized support resources available to them and their patients


And while this approach can take the form of new/adjusted tactics, they can also be simple tactic adjustments: an email intro, call for scripts update, website    call-outs, etc.


Recommended Approach for this New Normal



Acknowledge the challenges the targets have gone through. We need to show sensitivity to the situation and it’s not all about us: “The last few months have reminded us how important the life and health of every person are”


Our targets’ attitudes may have changes, and priorities may have shifted. Can we keep a pulse on this? “We understand you expect more from us now, we are here to meet the challenge. How can we help?


Things that were taken for granted may never be the same – just going to the pharmacy and filling an Rx. “We want to make sure access – from cost, to medication availability, to where to get/order medications are never a barrier”


Leverage the Principles of Ask-Tell-Ask 


Ask-Tell-Ask is a simple technique that builds a relationship by determining what the audience already knows and is doing, then builds on those knowledge and skills. 

The technique drive a back-and-forth dialogue with customer that is focused on four essential communication principles:

  1. Find out their perspective (What’s going on? What would be helpful to you?)
  2. Responding to their emotions (It sounds like a difficult position to be in…)
  3. Customizing the information that needs to be delivered (Would it be helpful if…?)
  4. Recommendations by the professional/brand/expert (Here’s what we can do together… What are your thoughts on being able to make this happen?)



Get Started Today


Projects kicked off today will hit the market hopefully as we return to our new normal…so the time to start thinking about our reaction is now.

Please contact your account leads or if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above.