Don't Stand so Close to Me - Helping Reps Engage From a Distance

While reps may be allowed in the office, they still may not want to stand so close to the HCPs and/or may not be comfortable having the HCP hold their tablet.
There’s a wide range of technologies that allow the reps to be present and to engage with the HCP. Rep activities vary, from simply projecting the Veeva app to creating engaging avatars.


Very Low Tech: Veeva Engage Meeting


The rep just stands or sits at a distance from the HCP and uses Veeva Engage Meeting to share their detail. Both can follow along with the detail without having to share the same screen.


Low Tech: Mini Projectors


Mini projectors can cost under $200 and they enable the rep
to easily project their presentation against a wall using AirPlay—with no
wires required. These are easy to carry, easy to set up, and can be handy if the rep wants to present to a group of doctors or office staff.

Easy Tech: SmartSurface


The rep can turn any flat surface into a touch screen.
The Puppy Cube smart projector creates a sterile, interactive touch experience with a self-contained compact projector.

Example: The rep can project presentations onto the HCP’s desk so the HCP can self-navigate, or they can wipe down any surface to create a sterile touchscreen. The rep can also connect to a computer and project for larger audiences.

Watch a demo of SmartSurface

Medium Tech: NFC (Near Field Communication)

  • NFC is the basis behind contactless payment like Apple Pay, where you tap your smartphone against the reader to complete payment
  • It is a more secure vehicle for accessing info than QR Codes
  • NFC experiences can even be personalized and customized to
    specific users


Example: The rep can present a printed piece of paper or sticker to the HCP that leads to a virtual, self-guided eDetail. The rep can help direct the HCP through the story.

Watch a demo of NFC

Medium Tech: WebAR

  • QR Codes can be fitted with AR (augmented reality) markers that direct HCPs to a website that starts an AR experience - WebAR
  • The AR marker, in this case, is the small black & white graphic in the center of the QR code
  • The AR marker can be on printed materials, on a website/video, or it can just be a sticker. The HCP can use a personal mobile device and just point their camera at the marker to get the AR experience through their mobile browser


Medium Tech: Conversational Leave Behind

  • The Sales Rep can "leave behind" a conversational UI experience in the form of an Alexa Voice skill or chatbot after their initial pitch
  • The leave behind can be in the form of a pamphlet with an NFC chip, which the HCP scans to access the Voice skill or chatbot
  • The HCP can later access again at their convenience to ask more questions about the drug
  • For example, the HCP could say, "Alexa, open Brand X,” or could ask the chatbot for more information, like, “Alexa, Ask Brand X about the dosing schedule.”

High Tech: Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors

  • Mixed-reality, multiuser experiences that allow users to "place" and interact with 3D digital content (eg, holograms) in the real world
  • Can be used with a variety of hardware, including HoloLens devices, as well as iOS and Android devices​​​​​​​



  • Rep can "place" 3D molecule (MOA) in the world and HCP can then interact with it
  • SmartAR: Rep can "leave" AR spatial anchor content in the hospital or HCP office. SmartAR is persistent and can be viewed anytime


This technology is similar to the Pokémon GO mobile game.


Please contact your account leads or if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above.