New Veeva Releases In Response to Covid-19

With the COVID-19 changing the way reps interact with HCPs, Veeva released CRM version 20R1 to add features to enhance remote detailing.

Remote Signature Capture for Sampling in Engage Meeting


It enables field reps to capture and fulfill HCPs’ sample requests (BRCs) while hosting an online meeting.

Remote signature capture allows for sampling from Engage Meetings. Users can sample BRCs via the call report and capture a signature while in the Engage Meeting. This extends the user’s ability to provide samples to HCPs without needing a face-to-face meeting. 

USE CASE - For example, Sarah Jones is not able to visit Dr. Ackerman. Sarah creates a remote meeting and invites Dr. Ackerman. During the meeting, Dr. Ackerman requests BRCs. Sarah fills out the request on the Call page and selects the Signature button. Dr. Ackerman is able to receive the samples, so Sarah sends the remote Signature request to Dr. Ackerman who reviews the details and provides his signature.


Approved Notes


Allows customers to monitor free-text fields for compliance, enabling users to record notes directly in Veeva CRM.

Approved Notes enables customers to monitor free-text fields, for example, pre-call or post-call notes, for compliance purposes while enabling end users to record notes directly in CRM.

Approved Notes consist of the following processes:

  • Creating Monitoring Rules and Phrases – compliance users define fields and phrases for monitoring
  • Viewing Approved Notes Monitoring Results – compliance users receive an email with results and metrics from the monitoring process
  • Reviewing Violations – compliance users review the notes text with violations to and provide feedback on if the violation is correct


USE CASE - For example, the compliance user configures Approved Notes to monitor the Post-Call Notes field on the Call2_vod object and the use of the phrase save money. Sarah Jones types notes about a meeting with Dr. Ackerman and her notes contain the phrase save money. After the Approved Notes process runs, the compliance user is alerted of the violation, reviews the violation in the note, and determines if steps are needed to address the compliance issue.


CLM Content Display Chnage for Large iPads

With the 20R1 release, Veeva CRM will take full advantage of iPads with screen sizes greater than 10.2”. However, users will see a behavior change when viewing HTML content in the CLM Media Library.

By default, all HTML content will display ‘framed’ by a black border. The content will display as if it’s 1024 x 768 pixels, the logical screen resolution of standard 9.7” iPads. This is to ensure all content displays and functions properly. Customers can optionally change the default to improve the content display for specific scenarios.


Fixed Layout Content, Not Responsive


Example: showing all options for legacy fixed layout 1024 x 768 content

Responsive Content


Example: showing all options for responsive content

Veeva CRM on iOS

Veeva CRM is available in the Apple App Store and now supports sign-in using third party credentials or Face ID/Touch ID. 

The Veeva CRM iOS application is available for installation or MDM control on the App Store. This enables easier management of the Veeva CRM application and creates a simple, consistent process for managing and deploying the latest versions of Veeva CRM.

This is the only available method for installing and updating Veeva CRM for organizations created after 19R3.

NOTE: Veeva is not set up for 4K presentations, when viewing the video, because there could be big gutters on either side of the video, so please test all video presentations virtually.



For organizations that have deployed the Veeva CRM ‘Lightning Ready’ upgrade, the Call Report page and Events Management pages display with Lightning styling.

USE CASE - For example, Amy Brown wants to review the Cholecap event feedback email template. When she navigates to the record’s detail page, she can see the email template HTML rendered directly within CRM.


Previewing Approved Email Links


  • Users are now able to preview their Vault and external links generated by tokens before sending emails.
  • Approved Email users can select and view links generated from a token while in Preview or Edit Mode. This enables users to verify that links in the template function correctly before the email is sent to recipients.
  • A new browser window opens displaying the web page when selecting a link in Preview or Edit Mode.
  • No configuration is required for this feature.


USE CASE - For example, Sarah Jones is preparing to send Dr. Ackerman an Approved Email using a template containing a Vault Link. Before she sends the email, she views the selected template in Preview Mode and selects the link. A new browser window opens displaying the web page. Sarah navigates back to CRM and sends the email.


Views and Lists With Dynamic Attributes


Users can now create My Account Views and Lists that display Dynamic Attributes, and can also include Dynamic Attributes as part of the filter criteria for My Account Views. 

A Dynamic Attribute is a special type of field that displays on the Account Details screen and can be created by business administrations without modifying the Account object. Users can create and edit My Accounts views using Dynamic Attributes as search criteria. They can also create My Accounts lists and views with Dynamic Attributes as display columns, allowing users to group or filter their accounts based on Dynamic Attributes.

USE CASE - For example, Amy Brown, a Business Manager, creates a Dynamic Attribute called number of Patients to gather information for a new Natevba campaign. She adds the Dynamic Attribute to a My Accounts view so she can see the Dynamic Attribute values for all of her team’s HCOs in one place. She shares the view with her team so her field users can assess which accounts they need to interact with based on the information in the number of Patients column.


20R1 Feature Enablement and Availability

New functionality introduced in the Veeva CRM 20R1 Release is available on the following platforms: 

Please contact your account leads or if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above.