The Rise of Connected Care

Recent healthcare partnerships and offerings are shaking up the patient support services space, promising to leverage connected care technology to deliver superior patient outcomes.


Who's Making Waves?


Livongo Health, Inc., recently unveiled a partnership with telemedicine providers MDLIVE and Doctor On Demand to facilitate services for people living with chronic conditions.

In February, Amazon’s virtual clinic Amazon Care went live enabling employees to receive healthcare at home, at the office, or virtually in real time.

Northwell Health of New York, one of the largest health systems in the U.S., recently launched LabFly – the first app released from a health system in the United States with the ability to coordinate blood draws for patients at home or at work.

Surround Sound Support

  • The partnership will allow Livongo members to access behavioral health first, then the offering will expand to diabetes and allow patients to access a HIPAA Compliant Amazon Alexa Skill to track blood sugar readings
  • Livongo also announced a deal with the U.S. government to give federal employees access to their diabetes program
  • The program will include personalized insights and Health Nudges™ from Livongo’s AI engine


Concierge Care

  • Amazon Care offers a free chat service with a nurse via messenger or video
    Employees can schedule follow-ups to their home or office, and have prescriptions delivered to their home
  • The program is currently only available to employees in Seattle, but analysts feel there may be a plan to bring this service to the public


Tap To Test

  • Allows patients to schedule lab draws at a time that works in their schedule through an app for iPhone and Android
  • Patients can track how far away their lab expert is on a map similar to Uber and Lyft



Where Do We Go From Here?


When does it make sense to consider connected care?

Patients will come to expect superior patient support services that they can access anywhere and anytime, and that are personalized to their specific needs. Telemedicine programs can be very effective in meeting these needs, but they must work in concert with other customer facing touchpoints in a patient support program. Diagnosis and long-term adherence are two stages in the journey where telemedicine can make a positive impact.

How to implement a connected care program?

Brands will benefit from co-creating with customers to identify key moments that matter that can be addressed with digital interventions. The next step is to develop a patient journey and map customer-centric services at each micro-moment. And finally, take a cue from Amazon by piloting a program in order to refine it before bringing it to a larger audience.

Livongo in particular has seen a relentless focus on the customer moments that matter resulting in revenues growing at a triple-digit rate. When a member with diabetes signs up, they are sent a two-way cellular glucometer preconfigured with their settings. When they receive a reading that’s too high or too low, the Livongo service coaches them digitally – a key customer need that was not being addressed by traditional healthcare. 

Please contact your account leads or if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above.