Virtual / Remote Meetings POV



As COVID-19 affects communities around the world, we are seeing an acute acceleration of changes that have been happening in the healthcare industry for some time, and an urgent need for nimble, novel solutions for making live engagements go virtual.

The FCB Health Network has conducted thousands of engaging virtual meetings for groups numbered in the hundreds. Our experienced technology and production teams will partner with you to make targeted recommendations to match your business needs with an optimal virtual platform, transforming your planned live event into a successful virtual engagement.

Through a combination of both in-house resources and reliable partners, we seamlessly combine live video streaming and workshop tools, supporting materials, and content and agenda modifications needed to optimize virtual events on short notice.



For interactive meetings ranging from two to thousands of participants, including launch meetings, POAs, sales meetings, speaker trainings, peer to peer, and advisory boards:

  • Zoom and Adobe Connect provide robust videoconferencing, which can be combined with virtual workshop tools, with minimal prep time
  • Pando provides interactive, broadcast-level production value and full technical support (Inception Studios, NJ), which emulates a live experience and is ideal for large-scale internal and external trainings and meetings
  • Engagement tools such as Stormz and Mural provide virtual breakouts allowing for interactive exercises – remotely
  • Custom video microsites allow for peer or expert coach feedback on presentation skills
  • In-event gamification/leaderboards can be utilized to boost engagement
  • Pre-event E-teasers and custom mailings can boost excitement and morale, lending to the feeling of community among participants
  • Enhancement of web-quality videos for presenters, moderators, and participants, ranging from sending a small, full-service crew to offices or homes of key presenters to providing video enhancement tools, such as high-quality web cameras and tripods, to enhance existing devices

A brief overview of the virtual streaming support services can be found below.

To replace or augment congress activities

  • Augmented reality and VR headsets can bring a virtual booth to your audience in the comfort of their own homes
  • Partnership with virtual congress platforms, such as PlatformQ and West, can bring your booth completely into the virtual space
  • Data livestreams and encores can broaden the reach of your presentations

To allow reps to reach audiences at sites they are temporarily unable to visit

  • Video calling, virtual/e-detailing, and tele-KOL programs can all be leveraged to fill the gap
  • Our media and engagement teams can provide NPP recommendations to micro-target those offices and/or hospitals where field teams have limited to no access during this period of time

Getting Started

Best practices for all of these approaches include consultation with our virtual meeting experts to optimize presentations and exercises for the new format, virtual skills training for presenters and moderators, and technical rehearsals. FCB Health can handle all aspects of the meeting:

  • We manage all the production/technology
  • We can assist in making content engaging for virtual delivery
  • We can stream to multiple devices; using a fully secure and encrypted platform
  • We can brand your live stream
  • We can track participation


Vendor Comparison


Please contact your account leads or if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above.