Zoom Gets HIPAA-Compliant on Mobile

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What’s New

Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, launched a beta version of their HIPAA-compliant mobile browser in August. The new feature is designed specifically for infrequent users of telehealth or people who may not be as tech savvy, reducing barriers to the benefits of telehealth during a time when there are still risks to physically returning to a doctor’s office. Zoom’s desktop application was already HIPAA compliant.  Creating a HIPAA-compliant mobile option provides secure access to more people.

How It Works

  • The mobile browser client allows patients to receive a Zoom meeting link from their HCP via text or email
  • When the appointment begins, patients click on the link sent to them, which prompts the meeting to launch on their mobile device. Patients can now directly connect to telehealth appointments from their mobile browser without the need to download the Zoom app
  • Patients can still use a desktop or laptop to access as well

Why This Matters

Telehealth and telemedicine will be relevant even after the big spike in use during 2020 and into 2021. The number of telehealth sessions are expected to reach 81 million by 2022.   Zoom grew rapidly during the height of the pandemic, not only for the use of work conferencing, but also for communicating with loved ones through social distancing.  Many also realized it could be used for important telehealth visits as well. While COVID-19 continues, many, especially in the older demographic, are still hesitant to return to their providers’ offices. With this update, Zoom allows those that are not tech savvy to simply click on a link sent to them and open within the browser of the mobile phone.

Although Zoom does not yet provide a vehicle for promotional ads the way some telehealth platforms do, the potential expansion of telehealth through this update could have a large impact on brands’ ecosystem of promotion. Brands can encourage new populations of patients to set up a telehealth appointment with their doctor and can provide materials like patient-doctor discussion guides that are centered around a telehealth experience.


More Reading:

While Zoom is the most prominent video conferencing company stepping up its healthcare game, it isn’t the only one:

  • Verizon-owned BlueJeans recently developed a telehealth platform, dubbed BlueJeans Telehealth, that launched in May. Learn more here.
  • It was piloted in late 2020 in partnership with Epic, where the telehealth platform developed electronic health record integration capabilities—something Zoom also started working with Epic on in 2020.